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Charlotte Hogg
Art and Illustration Portfolio

Welcome to Charlotte Hogg Art and Illustration.

Based in her studio in rural Somerset, Charlotte creates art and patterns for clients worldwide, including fashion brands, textiles, homeware, stationary and packaging. 


Charlotte derives inspiration from nature, flowers from her somerset cutting garden, folkloric design and historical pattern. All of Charlottes designs start out hand painted and are created with a high level of thought and attention to detail. If you would like a more extensive view of Charlottes work or to see something specific, please get in touch here

Below is just a taster of recent work and client collaborations. Please click on the portfolio link for more. 


Illustration and Surface Pattern Design.

Charlotte is an illustrator, decorative artist and fashion designer based in London and Somerset. She creates artworks for textiles, homeware, stationary and packaging using hand painted, traditional as well as digital techniques. Her paintings are inspired by nature, flowers, folkloric design and historical pattern. Her studio is based in rural Somerset where she lives with her husband and young family. 

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